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How to join DHB Club

I had changed the Club configuration to allow people to register without an invitation, trying to make it easier for the followers of this blog to participate in the table giveaway & access the tutorial. But a certain problem, quite serious, happens when registration is open to anyone... the darn spammers soon find it out and start trying to register, using fake email addresses!... All they want is to infest our club with dirty links and spoil our fun, of course... See what my pending membership page looks like in a very short time:

So, I had no other choice than to close registration to invitation only, again... Here goes the step-by-step tutorial showing how to join the club by invitation:

1) Go to DHB's contact form page and send me your invitation request:

2) Keep an eye on your email inbox, and also on your spam box, as your email provider might mistake emails sent by website software for spam, and filter it... even when the message was sent by request!

3) When you get the invitation, click on the link inside the word "here". As shown inside the circle in the image below. Don't click on the full link below it, as that one will only take you to the Club main page. And as the Club is closed and you still aren't registered, it won't work for you yet...

4) When you click on that link, you'll be taken to the following page. If it's not in English (it will probably be), move the mouse arrow on the little flag on the top right corner of the screen. Other flags will appear. Click on "EN" and from now on all screens will be written in English!

5) You have two options on how you can make your registration. You can click on "Connect" to join using your Facebook account (see further ahead) or scroll down and fill in the form:

  • Do I have to fill in all fields????
  • Nope! Some info is mandatory, like your name, email address, password of your choice, birthday (all in the beginning), a picture of your choice to identify yourself, (1) agree with the terms and (2) fill in the box with the scrambled letters from the image above it. All the other ones are optional. Just remember that the more you fill in, the easier will be to find people with similar interests and thus it'll be easier to start new friendships in the club, exchange ideas, etc. If you forget to inform a mandatory field, the system will check and will let you know, so you can correct. When finished, click on "Join

6) If you'd rather use your Facebook account (a new window pops up when you click on "Conect"), all you have to fill in is:
  1. the email address you use on Facebook
  2. Your password on Facebook (this is for FB, I will not know it!)
  3. (optional) opt to keep logged to the Club, so that you when you go back to the Club page, you won't have to login again!
  4. Click on "Log In"
Important: If you are already logged on Facebook when your are joining the club, you won't need to enter your email or password. The system will recognize you're already logged in and will finish the registration process automatically!!!

7) Now you'll see this verification screen. This step is very important, to make sure you didn't mistype your email, for example - as this will prevent you from receiving notifications from the Club like friendship requests, private messages, etc. And also to let me know that you are a real person and that your email is true, and it's not a spammer requesting an invitation and then registering using a fake email! This is for our own protection!!! Click on "Send".

8) Go back to your email inbox and wait for the verification email message to arrive. When you get it, click on the link in the words "clicking here" as shown below.


As I have to approve all new registrations (to keep the Club spammer free!), and I'm not 24/7 online - yet, lol! - it might take a little while for your registration to be completed. But it will never be more than 24 hours, ok? 

If you have any questions, just let me know!!! And, once you have joined, just enjoy the Club, of course! ;)


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